If in the User screen you are seeing yellow triangle sign ⚠️ and the message Licence Status Unlicensed 

This means the user licence level in the portal has reduced below the number of configured users.

This may have occurred for one of a few reasons:

  • A trial period has ended 
  • Your licence provider has reduced the number of licences on your account

When the licence level is reduced below the configured user level, users at random will become unlicensed.

This issue is not related to Microsoft 365 licencing, making changes there will not affect this.


This issue is resolved by either increasing the number of licences purchased, or deleting users. Any changes will aromatically re-flow to other users and update their licence status.

Contact your provider to have the licence level increased.

Users showing unlicensed after Bulk Import

When users are imported using the bulk tool they may not be associated to a Teams user and will appear unlicensed.

Resolve this issue by using the Sync Now function to bring in the Teams users and perform the auto match function. 

Users will only match if the email address in the import file matches the Teams user. If email addresses are different, the, advice is to make the email addresses match either in Microsoft 365 (and run Sync Now) or in the import file and re-run the import function specifying update instead of create (drop down on import screen).

Otherwise a manual association between Teams users and imported users can be made with the Edit User function (below).