Teams registers a Missed Call when a call is answered by another device on the system.


This behaviour is usually due to a setting on the PBX.

Where several devices are assigned to one user profile the PBX will attempt to distribute the calls to all devices depending on an assigned policy linked to the user profile.

This is rather like being a member of a Hunt or Distribution group with several other end users.

The call, having been answered by one endpoint will rise a flag in the PBX which then sends a new message to all other endpoints to say the call has been answered.  this will generate a Missed Call alert


In the PBX settings there should be a setting you can set which basically turns off the Missed Call alert. The setting may say something like Missed Call Alert: Ignore if answered elsewhere. As a result, the PBX will send the following message to the device: REASON: SIP; cause=200;text”Call completed elsewhere

This advises the device NOT to flag this as a missed call.

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