You are the sole Administrator for your  account and wish to add/invite a new administrator to assist with your workload or provide cover.

You may also wish to review the Roles of existing administrators.

How To

Once logged in at your base level account, you will be able to navigate to the Account Tab.

From here, you can click the blue Invite Administrative User button.

Complete the fields and assign the required roles.

The Roles

There are 2 main roles for an Administrator:

Account Owner - Able to view and amend settings and send admin invitations.

Service Viewer - Read only access to Services and Users

Amending Existing Admins

Simply select the Admin from the list displayed and amend the roles by clicking on the drop-down arrow.

Admins can also be removed by clicking the trash can at the end of their entry.


  • You may also request amendments to your Administrators via your Partner.
  • Where an Office 365 administrator may not have their own Office365 email address, it is still possible to pass them a activation link. Simply send an admin invite using an alternative email address.The invite is not linked to the recipient and can therefore be activated by any valid O365 user.

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