You can easily close an account by removing all user subscriptions/licences.

If you are not a native Partner, you will need to contact your supplier.

Below are the basics for some of the most common global marketplace suppliers.

Once a 14-day cooling off period has passed, following the subscription removals, the system will automatically purge the account.




  • A subscription purchased via Microsoft can only be cancelled via the Microsoft portals.
  • The appearance and features of the Microsoft admin centre may change from time to time, and is outside of our control. The screenshots provided below are for guidance only.

You will need admin access to your Office 365 account.

  • Access the Office 365 admin center at
  • Ensure you are using the latest Admin Centre.
  • Go to Billing menu on the left, select Your Products 

Scroll down and find the relevant service in the Apps section.

You will be able to then Add/remove licences or Cancel the subscription using the 'Cancel subscription' option.

If you are unable to access the above screens then try the Azure SaaS management portal at:

We are unable to remove services from your Office 365 account purchased via Microsoft as we do not have access.

If in doubt, you can raise a case with Microsoft via the Support options.

Getting help from Microsoft

If you cannot find your the subscription in the MS365 admin centre you can try looking in the Azure portal. 

If this problem cannot resolved using the above methods, then the issue can be escalated to Microsoft. 

To do this,
  • log in to the Microsoft 365 admin portal at 
  • Go to the Admin icon
  • On the left hand side menu bar select "Show All" and the Support option will show,
  • Create a support request  

If you don't have access to your Office 365 account then follow this link:


Please contact your Ingram sales team or customer support to cancel orders and remove services.