A list of the coloured registration states and what they mean

Explanation of Behaviour

  • GREEN DOT - Success, a register packet was sent and a a 2xx response was received. User should be ready for calling.
  • RED DOT - Failed, a register packet was sent, but no 2xx response was received
  • GREY/BLUE DOT - Registration is not enabled for this user. Typically this is intentional (e.g. PBX set to non-registration), but can also be if the user does not have a license associated.
  • ORANGE DOT - Pending, the very first registration is queued. This is not expected to be in this state for more than a few minutes.
  • ORANGE CIRCLE - Expired, registrations are working, but are not keeping up with the Expiry. Consider setting a longer Expiry on your PBX.